Sunday, 15 May 2011

Horrible Histories.... Frightful Futures

For this months 2000ad Forum competiton

The Brief: A Children's book adaptation of 2000 ad.

"Choose a well known children's book and adapt it to a 2000ad story or character. You could draw the artwork in the style of a certain children's book or pick a scene in a children's book and change it to suit the 2000 ad universe. Anything goes... the sky's the limit."
I wish history was taught like this when I was at school. And probably the funnies program on TV... Horrible Histories.

So I give you not just a single book, but a whole frickin series.... Frightful Futures!! I could have gone on and on with Dastardly Droids, Galactic Gladiators, Barmy Berserkers , etc etc.