Saturday, 21 December 2013

Gods Own Work! Mike McMahon

Bloody hell, I've been wanting to show these for ages, but have been waiting for Owen Watts to works his magic on the colours. Since Owen has recently turned pro, obviously he has to put the paid jobs first.

Mike McMahon has probably been one of my all time top 5 comic-book artists since I can remember. Mike has worked extensively for 2000ad for over 30 year, and was one of the original artists who helped give Dredd 'his look' and his big boots! As well as illustrating Judge Dredd, he's also worked on the the ABC Warriors, The VC's and Slaine. And for me, Slaine was probably his greatest work to date.

A while ago, Mike posted some character designs that he has done for Animation City  on his website which just cried out to be inked. Ming over on the 2000ad forum was kind enough to ask Mr McMahon is I was OK to ink them. I have to admit I did have a little geekgasm when I got the OK!

He's also recently been commissioned by Steve Sterlacchin, the writer of the excellent Judge Minty fan film for a piece of artwork too. So again Mike posted the pencils on his site and I asked permission firstly from Steve and then Owen sought permission from Mike (I bottled it!) to ask if we could show our version in the internet.

It has been a real pleasure to work with a true legends pencils and I would like to thank both Mike and Steve for their permission and for Owen for taking up the colouring challenges on two of the pieces.


McMahon Warlock pencils

Inked by me, colouring by Owen Watts

McMahon future police pencils

Inked and coloured by me!
McMahon witch pencils

Inked and flat colours by me

Judge Minty commission pencils
Inks by me, colours by Owen

It's been a while... Zarjaz!!

Bloody hell, I can't believe it's been almost 2 months since my last update.

So what have I been up to? Well, as well as my monthly entries to the Stockport Comic Collective  I been asked (well offered) to draw a 6 page strip called called Tales of Mega City One - Death in Pictures for the guys over at FutureQuake Press which has been written by Shaun Avery. It should be featured in Zarjaz #20 and has an end of January deadline, so I really really need to get a move on.

I can't show anything at the moment as there's an NDA in place... proper professional or what!! All I can say it involves another unhinged female character (see Katarina Cruz - Speed Date) with a knife...again!

On with the Stockport Comic Collective pics since last time.

dialogue by Gordon Renny 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Fake • Remedy Commission

I've recently found a good buddy of mine through twitter. who is a certain Jon Fitz. Now the name 'may' not mean anything to you but he is one half of Herd & Fitz. Those who like their dancey dancey music, will as the kids say, know this 'tune'

Fitz is somewhat of a superstar DJ and basically travels the world gigging... nice job if you can get it!

Jon's new project is called Fake • Remedy. Click on the link for a snippet of their new 'tune'!

Jon gave a great brief in what he wanted, so here's how the commission progresses.

I'd also just like to thank Jon and Fake • Remedy for the commission opportunity.

The initial brief of what Jon wanted

The initial inks

Moky, the other half of Fake Remedy
The initial colours

The initial colours
A funky background with the Fake Remedy logo
Fake • Remedy does Andy Warhole

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Emu Wars is in the bag and a penguin

Well Emu Wars in in the bag. I've got to say it's really have been fun the draw even though at times I've wondered why I offered to illustrate the story.... How do you draw a field of wheat???

Here are some taster images all lettered up by enigmatic Bolt-01

And for this months Stockport Comic Collective blog, here's my version of The Penguin

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Great Hera! It's Wonder Woman!

Wow two posts in a week. I don't half spoil you lot!

It was my choice for this months Stockport Comic Collective Blog (to be updated by the way) character, so I've going for one of the big hitters  - Wonder Woman!

Monday, 22 July 2013

It's been a while!

Bloody hell, it's nearly two months since my last blog. Yes I hear you all shouting 'You lazy git Bhuna!' but I've been hard at work beavering away inking Emu Wars and still have a page to finish.

One of the thinks I'm most chuffed with is my 'wheat pen' which I set up via Manga Studio 4 EX. Here are some little tasters of what's to come!

There has also been the monthly entries to the Stockport Comic Collective blog which I run.

In between all this I've also had a thoroughly wonder holiday in Greece with my beautiful wife Kim , thanks for asking! 

I know I harp on about Manga Studio and I'm now a member of their affiliate program. So if you're thinking of upgrading from Manga Studio 4 and want to purchase Manga Studio 5 EX, click the little link on the right. Cheers.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Blog update thing and Emu Wars

It's been quite a while since the last update, but I've been busy on a few things and have also started a new project for a small press publication called 'Massacre for the Boys'  More details on that later.

Paragon #13 is now on sale, featuring a cover and a 2 page Spencer Nero strip. You can buy a copy here

The Stockport Comic Collective blog, which I also run has had two more themes.

March - Captain America.

April - Sláine
One of my favourite comic characters, so I went a bit mad!

Walking Wounded - Emu Wars

Whilst the Killing Moon project is on hold, I've volunteered to illustrate a 6 page full colour strip 'Walking Wounded - Emu Wars' for  'Massacre for the Boys'  It's based on an actual event in 1932 where the Australian government declared war on the indigenous Emu population. 

So for the forseeable future, I will be drawing Emus... lots and lots of Emus!!

Concept sketch of William 'Dog' Tired and Hogan