Monday, 22 July 2013

It's been a while!

Bloody hell, it's nearly two months since my last blog. Yes I hear you all shouting 'You lazy git Bhuna!' but I've been hard at work beavering away inking Emu Wars and still have a page to finish.

One of the thinks I'm most chuffed with is my 'wheat pen' which I set up via Manga Studio 4 EX. Here are some little tasters of what's to come!

There has also been the monthly entries to the Stockport Comic Collective blog which I run.

In between all this I've also had a thoroughly wonder holiday in Greece with my beautiful wife Kim , thanks for asking! 

I know I harp on about Manga Studio and I'm now a member of their affiliate program. So if you're thinking of upgrading from Manga Studio 4 and want to purchase Manga Studio 5 EX, click the little link on the right. Cheers.

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