Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Fake • Remedy Commission

I've recently found a good buddy of mine through twitter. who is a certain Jon Fitz. Now the name 'may' not mean anything to you but he is one half of Herd & Fitz. Those who like their dancey dancey music, will as the kids say, know this 'tune'

Fitz is somewhat of a superstar DJ and basically travels the world gigging... nice job if you can get it!

Jon's new project is called Fake • Remedy. Click on the link for a snippet of their new 'tune'!

Jon gave a great brief in what he wanted, so here's how the commission progresses.

I'd also just like to thank Jon and Fake • Remedy for the commission opportunity.

The initial brief of what Jon wanted

The initial inks

Moky, the other half of Fake Remedy
The initial colours

The initial colours
A funky background with the Fake Remedy logo
Fake • Remedy does Andy Warhole

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