Sunday, 16 October 2011

Speed Date 2... Coming Soon

I know it's a complete rip off or homage (take your pick) of the fantastic Bill Sienkiewicz's cover of Elektra Assassin #4. But here is a little promo piece I've done for Speed Date 2 - Cruz Control' is going to be featured in this years Hallowscream.

Dirk Van Dom who wrote this sick little tale has quoted on his blog...

'I revisit the character and present a 'what happened next' type epilogue to the tale...a full colour (and what colour!) tale of love and romance that is now in the can, courtesy of the wonderful Bhuna (that's me, that is!), and being lettered as we speak. Speed Date 2:Cruz Control is, like all good sequels, everything the first part had but MORE. MORE violence, MORE blood, MORE death, MORE twists. It is, honestly, the bloodiest 6 pages of comic I have ever witnessed. They don't come much more blood-soaked than this people, so keep an eye out for this year's Hallowscream at the end of the month to find out if Tucker gets his come-uppance or not.'

I think he liked my work!!

Hallowscream 2011 will be available for download on 31st October!

Tucker's next tale is going to be featured in issue 2 of Vanguard which again will be written by Dirk with art my m'very good self.

Anyway, the first part of the story which appeared in last years edition (with art by Ghostpockets) has been made into a short film called SPEED KILLS as Speed Date already exists.

The big news though is that the movie has been picked to appear as part of the short film showcase at this year's Horrorthon festival in the IFI in Dublin. It's being shown on October the 31st at 11am.

Here's a still for the film!

One of Tuckers victims

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