Sunday, 11 December 2011

This weeks entry the the Weekly Theme Art Blog

This week's theme was my choice, So I went for all things Warrior.

For those young 'uns who haven't heard of Warrior, it was possibly the 2nd best (after 2000ad) British anthology going in the 80's. Stories included, Marvelman (then Mircleman, now back to Marvelman!) V for Vendetta and one of my favourites, Alex Pressbutton. Pressbutton was written by Steve Moore and featured legenary artists such as Garry Leach, Alan Davis and Steve Dillon.

(From Wikipedia) Pressbutton originally a mild-mannered and plant-loving florist, he took delivery of plant matter which included a sentient, telepathic, anesthetic, carnivorous fungus which attacked his body from the feet upwards All the time it was consuming him, it was empathising with him, apologising for eating him and preventing him from feeling the pain. (Bhuna....I shit you not!) 

By the time he was rescued, the only remaining parts of his body were his head, right arm and part of his chest. As a result of this damage, he became extremely embittered, especially against vegetation. When rebuilt as Pressbutton, he was fitted with a cleaver as a left arm and, because of his lack of genital equipment, an orgasm-inducing button on his chest clearly marked "Press". Unfortunately, this was sometimes used by later adversaries to disable him (in rapture) while he was attacking them.

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