Thursday, 5 July 2012

You Lucky Tucker!!

Supremo writer and editor of Vanguard Comics, Mr. Dirk Van Dom is giving four special edition collectors cards as a freebie for Vanguard #3.

As Dirk is currently in Japan, each of the cards will have a Japaense theme to them. Dirk asked me to come up with something featuring Buck Tucker and his would be victim - Katarina Cruz (see Speed Date 2).

Buck Tucker will also feature in Buck Tucker: Q-Pids which is an action packed 2 pager with a cracking cliff hanger at the end of the story.

Dirk says "Buck Tucker was a pretty messed up, intense and emotionally unstable guy in life, filled with hate and twisted to the core. Now that he's dead, he's much more relaxed about everything. Well, you would be wouldn't you? Here we find him getting all hot and bothered while receiving a massage from old 'flame' (read: attempted murder victim) Katarina Cruz in a Mount Fuji onsen, in the fourth and final "Vanguard in Japan" postcard image."
Vanguard #3 - COMING SOON (A bit like Tucker really!)

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