Sunday, 28 July 2013

Great Hera! It's Wonder Woman!

Wow two posts in a week. I don't half spoil you lot!

It was my choice for this months Stockport Comic Collective Blog (to be updated by the way) character, so I've going for one of the big hitters  - Wonder Woman!

Monday, 22 July 2013

It's been a while!

Bloody hell, it's nearly two months since my last blog. Yes I hear you all shouting 'You lazy git Bhuna!' but I've been hard at work beavering away inking Emu Wars and still have a page to finish.

One of the thinks I'm most chuffed with is my 'wheat pen' which I set up via Manga Studio 4 EX. Here are some little tasters of what's to come!

There has also been the monthly entries to the Stockport Comic Collective blog which I run.

In between all this I've also had a thoroughly wonder holiday in Greece with my beautiful wife Kim , thanks for asking! 

I know I harp on about Manga Studio and I'm now a member of their affiliate program. So if you're thinking of upgrading from Manga Studio 4 and want to purchase Manga Studio 5 EX, click the little link on the right. Cheers.