Saturday, 12 March 2011

Dr WTF!? - The Who and the Villian of this piece

Now that the story is going to print very soon, I thought I'd show some of the original concepts that I did for 'The Who' and the main character of the vile little tale... Davros

The Who.

Over the last few years there has been a few changes to who has played the Doctor. Whilst playing around with a few ideas, I though 'why is the 'Doctor' always white?' Why not Chinese, an Aborigines or a black Rastafarian! I like the idea that the Doctor is always quite eccentric in the most English of ways. I wanted to keep that element in the character.. This is where the initial 'By Jove, What What!' phrase came from. Matt has done a cracking job with the script, building the above element into the dialog. And why the blue eyes??? You'll just have to buy a copy and find out!


Whilst Matt was polishing the script it came quick obvious that our is a blatantly homosexual with distinct homoerotic undercurrent. It's a love story..... honest!

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  1. Nice! Good to get some of these prelim sketches up for everyone to see. You ought to put up the Dalexxx sketches and color tests, too.