Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Exterminate, Exterminate... ermm no you won't!

Some more concept work for the Cosmic Excrement Dr WTF!? story.

Even as a kid, Daleks never really scared me. The just seems like a large upturned bin with a sink plunger sticking out of it. Obviously, with Davros being the star villain in the story, we had to have Daleks or Dalexxx at Matt has called them.

We decided that there would be two types, your bog standard Dalexxx and the Sado- Surgeons. I had a lot of fun with these. The tentacles were to give them a bit of a HP Lovecraft feel. I thought it would be cool (in a sick sort of way) if the Sado-Surgeons actually had their surgical instruments grafted to them by Darvos.